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As you've probably figured out by now, you've got a lot of different options in paying for your new car. Unfortunately, most of those options will end up costing you unnecessary time and money! Houston Car Loans provides the absolute best solution in paying for your car and makes the other options look downright ridiculous. Using our quote service can get you dozens of different offers on a loan, all with lower rates than other traditional lenders. Take a look at this comparison of the different methods you can use to pay off your car:


Do you know how much money dealerships make off of their auto loans? It's been shown that many dealerships make more than 30% of their annual profits off their auto loan interest rates. Obviously, they're going to do everything possible to get you into the most expensive car with highest loan rates. Dealerships also have the advantage of temptation and claiming that you're getting a "great deal" on the "last one on the lot."

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It is sometimes possible to borrow your auto loan from your local bank, although it will likely be tied to your banking account. The problem with this is that your account may suffer if you ever miss a payment, as the bank could withdraw late fees from your account or even freeze it. Of course you could take out a loan with a competing bank so that your main banking account is safe, but you'll be at the mercy of their rules and regulations i.e. maintain a certain balance in your account at all times.

Credit Unions:

Credit unions have been growing in popularity as of late, mostly because they offer lower rates than most banks. The problem is that most credit unions are simply community banks, meaning there are only a few locations scattered across the city. With this lack of accessibility, you'll also find that many credit unions offer poor customer service and support, especially when compared to the high standards at Houston Car Loans.

Besides saving money by using Houston Car Loans, read our finding your new car page to see how you can reduce the cost of your future vehicle.

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